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- Pablo Casals -

1876 - 1973

“The cello is like a beatiful woman,

who has not grown older, but younger with time, more slender, more subtle, and more graceful”

J.S. Bach - 6 suites for violoncello          

L. Berio - Les mots sont allés

R. Berger - Allegro frenetico con reminiscenza, Dolcissimo

E. Carter - Figment No.2

G. Cassado - Suite for violoncello

G. Crumb - Sonata for violoncello
V.Godár - O Crux for cello solo

S. Gubajdulina -  10 preludes for  violoncello

G. Kancheli - ...nach dem Weinen
H.Lachenmann - Pression
G. Ligeti - Sonata for violoncello solo

I. Parík  -  Sonata per violoncello
K. Saariaho - Spin and spells for solo cello
A. Schnittke - Improvisation for solo cello

J. Tavener -  Threnos,  Chant

M. Tóth -  Havířov, Sonata GTi, 

...žiaden menuet for cello solo

M. Weinberg - Sonatas for cello solo


My repertoire consists of

all major works for a variety of chamber groups such as string and piano trio, string quartet , quintet and sextet and  all major works from baroque time until present composed for string orchestra .

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